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Do you choose your hotel also for the wine selection? We do :-)

Our wine philosophy:

We are wine & spirits enthusiasts and exceptional wine lovers. We have selected what we would also drink, what we love, and what we can guarantee.

Our wine list has been created with care and knowledge. Season after season, we strive to offer one of the best selections for our guests; wine drinkers, wine lovers, experts, and complete wine enthusiasts. In the base segment, we aim to find the best choice for a nice price/quality ratio in every producer and grape, allowing enjoyment of various interesting wines for every budget. In the mid segment, we choose our cellar and grapes based on the philosophy of the producers, the terroir, and the end product that has to meet our taste. In the high segment, we select well-known brands and small niche producers, both with exceptional quality. They love what they are doing, and often there is the right mix between knowledge, passion, madness, and terroir.

We also have a highly selected range of bottles for pure wine lovers & enthusiasts like us. We offer many “Alto Adige – Südtirol” wines, in our opinion, including the best ones you can get in the region. Tuscany, Piedmont, and other amazing regions are surely also part of the wine list, where we aim to find traditional producers with history and a certain traditional approach to winemaking. Our selection starts with exceptional Champagnes, Franciacorta, Italian Prosecco, and local “Südtiroler Sekt”, going through the entire selection of white and red wine grapes in Alto Adige and Italy. We are also known for our selection of French, German, Austrian, and a few international wines.

What we love & drink: We love traditional, terroir characterized wines with a nice interplay of acidity, mineral character, flavor, tannin, and alcohol. The length, harmony, and ability to age are our quality maxims. We love producers with stories, amazing history, knowledge, and pure passion.

We hope you enjoy our selection and are at your complete disposal for any special requests or suggestions.

Alto Adige & Trentino Wine Region

Alto Adige & Trentino Wine Region

Alto Adige is a land of wines. Despite being a small wine region in terms of surface area, Alto Adige - South Tyrol is characterized by the excellence and variety of its production. 5,000 growers cultivate as many as 20 different grape varieties on an area of fewer than 5,300 acres. The production of wine averages around 350,000 hectoliters a year.

Pinot Gris, Gewürztraminer, Chardonnay, and Pinot Blanc are the most popular wines of Alto Adige. For this reason, more than 55 percent of the vineyards in South Tyrol are reserved for white grapes, with an increasing trend. Among the white wines, Sauvignon, Müller-Thurgau, Sylvaner, Kerner, Riesling, and Veltliner also stand out. Fresh and mineral on the palate, structured in taste, the white Alto Adige DOC wines are among the best Italian white wines.

Among the red wines, in addition to the two indigenous varieties Schiava and Lagrein, for 150 years in South Tyrol, classic international varieties such as Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Cabernet Franc have also been grown. Nearly 45 percent of the total vineyard area is planted with red grapes in South Tyrol.